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Home Health

The intent of Abingdon Glen Village is to create an environment where people can live in an independent setting longer than they might otherwise be able to in their current home. Should a homeowner need additional care or services, a variety of home health providers are available locally. Staff at the Village Office can assist in identifying local providers.

Appliance Maintenance

Appliances, which are furnished in each townhome, are purchased through a commercial appliance dealer that provides service to the appliances it sells. Residents of Abingdon Glen Village can coordinate appliance maintenance through this dealer or any appliance repair service of their choice and be charged for these services.


Abingdon Glen Village utilizes a local housekeeping service to keep the Clubhouse clean. Staff at the village office can assist homeowners in identifying a variety of local providers.

Wider Community Services

Because of Abingdon Glen's prime location, many other public and community services are readily available. One of the Village Manager's primary jobs is to stay on top of what services are available and how to access these services. See some of the services when clicking on HICKORY COMMUNITY.


Interior Maintenance

Although interior maintenance is the responsibility of the individual homeowner, the Village Office can provide assistance in identifying providers to make interior home repairs. Abingdon Senior Housing Services also provides an on-site service at a nominal charge to provide for minor household needs such as changing ceiling light bulbs, furnace filters, and smoke detector batteries.

Daily Check-In

This is an optional service called "Are You OK" provided through the County Sherrif's Department free of charge. A call is placed daily to participants to confirm the participant's well being.

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